AI in Crypto Platform, CryptoSmartlife set to simplify crypto investing in India

Crypto Tech industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing technology sub-sectors in the last couple of years. Innovative players are emerging in the space to make crypto investing ubiquitous. And one such hi-tech startup is CryptoSmartlife. This Singapore and India based startup uses artificial intelligence, Quant and advanced data science to ensure Crypto, the newly created asset class, reaches everyone by breaking the tech barriers. They have successfully launched, and the platform is accessible via the web portal as well as a mobile app on the android play store.

CryptoSmartlife is on a mission to turn Crypto investing as easy, convenient, and quick as cooking noodles. It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Crypto Thematic Basket Investment platform where top 100 market capitalisation coins are put into baskets based on past returns, price volatility, coin correlations, and other fundamental factors.

CryptoSmartlife, Artificial Intelligence powered, India’s first end-to-end thematic basket investment platform, intends to simplify the way India invests in Crypto.

This is the first Cryptocurrency investment app of its kind in India which lets users make both one-time and recurring periodic recurring investments in Crypto coin baskets based on popular themes such as Blockchain, Metaverse, NFT, Green Crypto, Web3, etc.

In times such as current market volatility, coin fundamentals, technical indicators, and investment principles become even more important and CryptoSmartlife provides easy access to data metrics such as returns, volatility, sharpe ratio, bullish/bearish signals, so investors can make informed decisions.

Amongst all the Crypto investment apps, what makes CryptoSmartlife distinctive are its innovative customer-centric features:

  1. Coin basket investment based on risk appetite in less than 2 mins
  2. Auto Rebalancing of coin portfolios based on changing market conditions
  3. Crypto Recurring Basket Investment Plan in one click
  4. Hassle-free withdrawals and deposits
  5. Instant KYC and 24*7 customer-centric support​

With the value of Cryptocurrencies growing rapidly, the security, and safety of digital assets play a key role. CryptoSmartlife wins here, as they use world’s top crypto custody providers to ensure the safety of digital assets.

CryptoSmartlife puts the top 100 market capitalisation coins into baskets based on popular themes such as Blockchain, Metaverse, NFT, Green Crypto, and Web3.

Digital Transformation and Blockchain Expert Vishnu Tadepalli, Founder-CEO, CryptoSmartlife says, “Current crypto exchanges are very complex and many wanna-be crypto investors are missing out due to lack of education, unfriendly exchange interfaces & other technology barriers. We harness the power of advanced data science to present facts to users, as data never lies. Our back-tested algorithm builds crypto smart baskets based on popular themes, ultimately giving users a simple and easy to use crypto investing experience in a smart & secure way, based on investor’s preferences.”

CryptoSmartlife operates with the vision to be at the forefront of Crypto Innovation and to drive crypto adoption with “crypto learn” & “easy to use” interface. They are planning to roll out a mobile app for IOS devices late May. Company also has plans to extend the platform to Europe, South-East Asia in the later part of this year. This “AI in Crypto” company is expected to announce a series of Crypto-focused initiatives such as Defi and Staking too.