IGOAI organises virtual summit on AI in Healthcare on 29 June 2022

International Group of Artificial Intelligence successfully hosted a virtual summit on ‘The Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare’ on 29th June 2022. Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the way industries work these days. Healthcare has not remained untouched by the applications of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence simplifies the lives of patients, doctors and hospital administrators by performing tasks that are typically done by humans, but in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

A significant benefit can be achieved with the use of Machine Learning and other cognitive disciplines for medical diagnosis purposes. Using patient data and other information, AI can help doctors and medical providers deliver more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. Furthermore, AI can help make healthcare more predictive and proactive by analyzing big data to develop improved preventive care recommendations for patients.

The event was joined by top industry leaders and participants including:

  • Under the Patronage, Her Excellency Dr Jalila Al-Sayed Jawad, Minister of Health Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Dr Jassim Haji, President, International Group of Artificial Intelligence
  • Dr Mustafa H. Qurban, Consultant and CIO, King Fahd Military Medical Complex (KFMMC)
  • Dr Mohamed Al Rayyes, MD, MBA Medical Director, MEA, Cerner Corporation
  • Dr Aamna AlShehhi, Assistant Professor, Khalifa University
  • Dr Mohamed Almedfa, Demonstrator – College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Arabian Gulf University
  • Dr Mohammed Alhamid, Director, CHI
  • Layal Ashi, Research Associate
  • Dalal Buhumeida, Event MC

Artificial Intelligence eases reading medical patterns of the patients to provide them with better healthcare services. In the health care industry, artificial intelligence-enabled solutions can provide immediate returns through cost savings, new product development, and better consumer engagement. We shall explore how healthcare groups can scale up their artificial intelligence investments by pairing up with robust security and data governance strategy.

The virtual summit was concluded with an interesting fire chat session with all the speakers. Dalal Buhumeida ended the virtual summit with her closing speech and vote of thanks.