AI to launch employment and skilling platform for the hospitality industry is a tech-enabled staffing and employment platform for the hospitality sector that has been co-built with The National Restaurant Association of India. The platform has taken a holistic approach by offering access to employment opportunities as well as upskilling, training, and financial inclusion. is Spearheaded by entrepreneur, Rishi Khiani and Agnelo Miranda.

With hospitality accounting for 8% of India’s workforce, this is the first-ever industry-driven solution to mobilise a large part of India’s fragmented talent pool. The platform uses Web3 technology including blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and multimedia to create a modern interactive profile that replaces the dated CV. The hybrid online-offline approach to sourcing talent addresses the existing inefficiencies within the recruitment process.

Effective hiring has always been a challenge for the hospitality industry which was only exacerbated by the pandemic. 80% of India’s hospitality workforce is migratory and nationwide job discovery has always been a challenge for job seekers. is addressing this pain point through its offline-online hybrid model of talent sourcing. Its Blockchain-powered employee profiles provide authenticated employment and certification history.

The business has been modelled on three pillars: Recruitment, Skilling, and Financial Benefits. At its core, is a marketplace for employment opportunities within the hospitality sector that matches the demand for jobs with the supply of skilled human capital. It goes beyond just providing a job with a community approach to upskilling and future growth opportunities. The platform provides a suite of value-added financial services like salary advances, insurance, and benefits from ecosystem enablers like travel, boarding and commerce.

“The NRAI is committed to resolving pain points and creating solutions for the industry and its members. Co-building this solution and partnering with, not only improves the ease of hiring but makes employment opportunities more accessible for job seekers all over India,” stated Kabir Suri, President, NRAI.

Rishi Khiani, Founder, said, “Our mission at has been to mobilise India’s amazing talent at scale while making a lasting impact on middle and low-income communities. The hospitality industry is one of India’s largest job creators and the employment opportunities it creates has the power to not just transform India’s billion-strong workforce but also improve their quality of life with dignity of labour.”

The team at NRAI led by Rachel Goenka and Pranav Rungta have been working closely with the team at to effectively address the pain points that the industry has been facing, as well as developing employee forward features such as skilling, training, certification, verification, and access to financial services and benefits. Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, Chefs and Industry stalwarts, are collaborating with to create high-quality training content and certification. NRAI seeks to increase the pool of talent within the industry by accelerated skill development programs and local initiatives.