Martin Tarr, Chief ICT Officer, du

Integrating AI, multi-cloud services for CISOs

In a world that is constantly changing, du’s product portfolio enables clients to digitise customer journeys, make rapid and precise decisions with artificial intelligence, and automate more of their internal processes.  This enables clients to gather and refine data, move with greater agility and scale faster to capture new opportunities. The telco helps clients bridge the silos of innovation in their organisation and deliver customer experiences that are personalised, connected and trusted.

du’s AI solutions help to future-proof operating models and support business challenges, ensuring maximum value generation in clients’ AI adoption journey. du’s local experts in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments help CISOs to develop and execute on their cloud strategy and maximise the value of digital transformation in their organisations.

The telco provides cloud management, data centre solutions, enhanced enterprise connectivity and infrastructure as a service that increases agility, reduces risk and simplifies a complex ICT ecosystem. The clients can then reduce their cost base while scaling up to serve new demand with a secure and consistent experience, du helps them migrate to cloud and manage their digital infrastructure with a purpose-built model designed to be seamless and secure.

du’s cybersecurity solutions enable organisations to manage risk, take a proactive approach to security, and adopt digital solutions with confidence. Its security experts design, build and manage solutions covering Network Security, Workload Security Applications Data Security and Access Management.

du’s AI solutions help to future-proof operating models and support business challenges

The telco’s cyber security solutions are managed by in-country cybersecurity defence centre to keep pace with the latest security technologies, compliance requirements and trends that impact enterprise security. Companies gain instant access to the expertise, technology and scale you need to protect your digital enterprise and accelerate growth.

While the rise of smart devices and the Internet of Things IoT is transforming Industrial control system ICS networks, increasing usability, efficiency, and productivity in ICS environments, they also have a significant impact on ICS security.

du’s Cybersecurity Defence Centre brings together 24×7 security operations centre and response services. It uses an integrated approach, encompassing people, process and technology to address cybersecurity risks in even the most complex environments. du offers 24x7x365 security monitoring that enables early, effective detection with integrated intelligence services.

du’s mission is to deliver security capabilities, enabling clients to improve and scale the protection of public, hybrid and private cloud infrastructure. Clients benefit from its integrated, multilayered security platform purposely built for the cloud and delivered as a service ensuring highest level of security for their most critical assets.

The telco offers 24×7 security monitoring and management and its cloud security services are PCI DSS-ISO 27001:2005, powered by leading global technology partners.

du’s local experts in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments help CISOs to execute their cloud strategy

Through e-Procurement, du is connected with suppliers and business partners electronically on 24×7 basis. du’s specialized teams for Network, IT, Commercial Sourcing and Procurement Operations are at the forefront of building vendor partnerships.

du has designated employees to offer coordination and support on du processes and procedures as well as provide du Sourcing System training and support to SME suppliers whilst working closely with the government procurement team to identify the best SME partners.

The telco provides cloud management, data centre solutions, enterprise connectivity, AI, increasing agility, reducing risk and simplifying the ecosystem.

Martin Tarr, Chief ICT Officer, du
Martin Tarr, Chief ICT Officer, du.